These courses have been designed for young students of Spanish. Their aim is to get students to develop their communicative skills, while using the concepts learnt both inside and outside the classroom. Teaching plans are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Although we use our own methodology and follow the Framework criteria in each course, we also design customised plans, which are adapted to the learning needs of each group or primary or secondary school.

These Spanish programmes for the younger ones have been designed as “Closed Teaching Plans”, which means they are custom-made to suit the needs of each institution or organisation, both regarding academic activities and leisure (sports and trips); therefore, no students from outside the programme can join in, unless a prior agreement has been reached with the organisation at the place of origin.

Programmes will last in accordance with the interests and characteristics of each school, so we can design plans ranging from 5 days to 4 weeks in duration, or even longer.

Classes: Students will normally get 15 hours of lessons a week (3 hours a day from Monday to Friday). This can be adapted to the group’s needs.

Activities: The course has been designed to combine both academic and leisure activities, so we offer a wide range of activities connected with culture, sightseeing and sports. Students will also go to the disco one day.

Trips:  2 afternoons and 1 whole day per week.

Homestay accommodation: Full board. Families have been carefully chosen.

We recommend students stay with a family so that they get to make the most of their experience in Gijón. They can speak Spanish with the family while learning about Spanish customs and culture.  This way, they will be fully immersed (through lessons, activities and living with the families).

Closing Ceremony and Certificate Awards Ceremony.

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Mundidiomas organises this initial programme but can adapt to each institution, creating a customised course to suit the financial and academic-leisure needs of each customer.