Course for people with specific needs but little availability for long-term study. Maximum 3 students per group. Preparation for DELE exams.  Business Spanish.  General Spanish. All levels (A1 - A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2).  The School is open all year.



These courses are ideal for students with specific language requirements who want to work at their own pace, prepare for DELE exams or have other specific interests.  

“OVER 50s”

This course is great for travellers who wish to study Spanish at their own pace and combine study with holidays in Gijón, while enjoying the city and its surroundings.


These courses are 100% functional and have been designed to deal with all language skills, while they help students develop their communicative skills. These courses are taught in small groups, mini-groups or one-to one lessons.

Our teaching plans are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and have been adapted to students’ needs.

Group coursesMaximum 7 students per class, who have been evenly classified in accordance with a preliminary level test and a personalised assessment of each participant’s needs, aims and interests.

Mini-Group courses. Maximum 3 students per class. Even and personalised groups.

One-to-one courses.  1 student. Customised course, totally personalised and adapted to each student’s pace and specific learning requirements.

Workshops. These are organised outside teaching hours and students can take part freely at no additional cost. Every Monday, Mundidiomas will inform students about its weekly workshop.

Activities and Trips.  Every Monday Mundidiomas will inform students about the activities and trips that have been planned for the week. They can take part freely, sometimes at no additional cost and others just paying a small amount.

Accommodation. They can choose amongst different options: hotel, apartment or homestay.

To make the most of a stay in Gijón, homestay accommodation is definitely the best option to learn more about Spanish culture, food and customs, as well as get the opportunity to practise all the knowledge acquired in class by speaking with the family about any topic. The result is equivalent to a Full Immersion course. Students who have chosen this option have always been really satisfied with how much they benefited from the course and the stay.

Closing Ceremony and Certificate Awards Ceremony.

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